The Orphanage in Pictures

Mother Juliana and a Chilean novice. Abbess Juliana
Mother Joanna and Mother Ksenia. Both now deceased. Mother Juliana and Mother Martha (now deceased).
The small church that was built on the property. A canal that runs through the property.
Some of the past girls of the Hogar. Some of the past girls of the Hogar.
An old picture of the whole school. Abbess Juliana is in the center holding her staff. The old Hogar after it had been burnt. Due to a lack of funds it has not been restored even to this day.
The old Hogar today (to date, not restored). The old Hogar under construction, which burned down in 1999.
The old Hogar before it was burnt down (in 1999). Performance Hall - Indoors
Performance Hall - Exterior The cows (Chicka and Camelia).
One of the girls (2008). Abbess Juliana today.
The monestary house. Plastic crates used to collect discarded vegetables and fruits from the local grocery stores.
The school. A picture of the school sign. The locals know the school as "Colegio Russo" (Russian School).
The school which Abbess Juliana founded. Another picture of the school.
his is a canal system that provides the monastery with water originating from melting snow. This water is not used for drinking, but to water the gardens, feed the animals, etc. This is one of the many stacks of wood used to heat the different buldings of the foundation.  Some of this wood is actually from the old orphanage building that was burned down.
Wood piles used to make fires to heat the various buildings of the foundation.