Becoming a Supporter

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Foundation. Times are very difficult, financially as well as spiritually, and assistance is very much needed. No matter how big or small, your support makes a meaningful contribution to the Foundation directly benefiting the children and monastics.

UPDATE: Feb 25, 2013 - Abbess Juliana writes that a broken water pipe has stressed the orphanage with an unusual financial burden. Please consider donating!

Contributing by Bank of America

To donate in person at any Bank of America branch, begin by requesting an "out of state deposit slip" (unless you reside in California). On the deposit slip, make sure to place check marks in the boxes marked "checking account" and "California". Write the account #00817-11029, the name on the account "Fundación San Juan de Kronstadt", and the address of the Bank of America branch in Monterey "200 E. Franklin St, Monterey, CA". Then, proceed to the cashier and deposit your check. Please make sure to ask the cashier to check that the account # and name on the account match.

Contributing by Check/Mail

Due to international processing fees, when sending checks by mail, please send a minimum of $150 USD.

To donate by check, please address your check to Fundación San Juan de Kronstadt.

Please mail the check to the following address:

  Fundación San Juan de Kronstadt
  Casilla 27010
  Las Condes, Santiago

Contributing by PayPal

Donating with PayPal: a kind fellow with a US PayPal account is collecting donations to be forwarded to the Orphanage. His website can be accessed by clicking here.